Holly Gregorio
April 8, 2022

Probably Chests Mod

Posted on April 8, 2022  •  6 minutes  • 1175 words

This mod adds pots and chests that spawn all over the world, but beware as some chests are more than meets the eye.

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About The Mod

The mod adds many different biome specific pots and chests that spawn all over the world which can contain amazing loot. You can smash the pots to get simple items you need for caving while the rare chests can contain a huge range of items. The chests however have a chance to actually be a mimic when you attempt to open them. Mimics are very fast and strong so open the chests at your own peril. If you can get the right items together you can even get a pet mimic which will follow you around and store your items.

The mod requires Geckolib and Cloth Config to work.

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Keys and Locks

There are 5 types of keys:

There are 3 kinds of locks:

A locked chest is indestructable. Players can disable chest ownership and chest locking in the config.

World Gen

Chests spawn all over the world from the surface to the deepest depths. They also spawn in the nether and in the end.

There are 9 types of chests:

Chests can contain lots of interesting loot as well as keys to other chests. Gold and Void chests are locked by default and require their respective keys to be unlocked. Unlocking a natural chest will consume the key. Even a locked chest has a chance of being a secret mimic and will transform when you try to open it after unlocking. Gold and Void chests contain the best loot in the game while the other chests will contain items relating to their chest type.

Gold keys can be found in all of the mods chests as well as a rare drop from wild mimics. Void keys can be found only in gold and void chests.

There are 4 types of pots:

Pots also spawn all over the worlds caves and can contain lots of simple items that you need for caving like torches, coal, iron nuggets, etc which are dropped when you smash the pot.

Spawn rates of pots, chests, and surface chests can all be changed in the config. If you also download Mod Menu you can edit the settings in game. [All setting changes require a world restart]


Mimics can spawn from any of the chests from the mod when the player attempts to interact with them for the first time. The chance for a mimic to spawn is set in the config.

Wild mimics can also spawn naturally like any other mob and when it is far enough from a player for long enough it will enter sleep mode and lock its rotation to the nearest 90 degree angle to look more like a chest. Wild mimics attack players and do large amounts of damage [can change in config] while also being able to jump great heights with no fall damage.

When killed wild mimics have a chance to drop a Suspicious Eye Which when combined with a Suspicious Key will make a Friendly Key. Wild mimics also have a chance to drop key fragments which can be use to craft suspicious keys as well as drop gold or void keys depending on the type of mimic.

Pet Mimics

A player can use a friendly key on a wild mimic or on a chest from the mod to transform it into a pet mimic. [Transformed mimics and chests will retain their items]

A pet mimic has the inventory space of a double chest and will follow you around with those items.

The mimic can be made to sit by sneak right clicking and can be healed using meat like a wolf. Pet mimics will also attack anything the player attacks so be careful not to hit your friends. A player can also lock a pet mimic using an iron lock and then lock and unlock it using an iron key [not consumed]. A locked pet mimic will bite any player who is not their owner when they attempt to open their chest.

Mimic Abandoning

The Mimic Hand Bell

The hand bell can be use to abandon mimics you have lost or simply want to get rid of / trade. To use the hand bell right click on the mimics you wish to keep and they will be added to your keep list, if you add a mimic on accident you can remove it using crouch click. Once you have marked all the mimics you wish to keep you can right click on an amethyst cluster to abandon all non marked mimics. [A players keep list resets upon logging out]

If you abandon a mimic on accident there is a 5 minute timer until the mimic becomes wild in which you can use the bell to reclaim them. After the 5 minutes is up though a mimic will become wild and begin attacking, if you left any items in it killing it will drop the items or you can re-tame the mimic using another friendly key. This feature is most useful when the server has the pet mimic limit enabled which prevents players from having more than a set number of pet mimics.


Mimics and combat

Pet mimics

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